Revi Dave

ReviDave is an web application, which enables you to get access to your data sets from the past.

Who had changed something in which way at which time?
Find it out easily with ReviDave!

Were datas edited faultily?
That is no problem anymore with ReviDave. Just re-establish your old data sets!


Extensive data archive

  •   Filtered search of your data sets
  •   Expanded filtering: Add endless further filters with...

    •  » a selection of fields
    •  » a selection of operations, like similar, more/less..., includes/ not includes...
    •  » an adjustable range of values
  •   Direct search for data set changes — also with the expended filtering
  •   Found the right data set? Now you can...

    •  » take a look at its data history/revisions
    •  » look for the belonging data sets, like vehicles, substations, drivers (at processes)
  •   Support of data sets of vehicles, vehicle groups, drivers and processes
  •   Individual expandability especially for your data sets: If desired, we establish the compatibility to your particular data structures

Latest technology

  •   Based on the AMBIENT server technology, ReviDave offers handlings and layouts always state-of-the-art

  •   Your desired results step by step: User-optimized and comfortable workflow due to specialized Wizards, intuitive template designs, established shortcut keys and well-arranged menus

  •   Data storage on the Phoenix Server V3: Best data security, automatic backups, synchronization und high performance

  •   Data backups solely in safe data processing centers of Germany, according to german data protection regulations


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