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Expand your company's charging and refueling infrastructure with an on-site charging network and home office charging stations for your employees.

We offer optimal solutions for every company structure.

  • Connection of third-party chargers via OCPP standard
  • Fuel terminals, chargers and selection displays available
  • Controller for home office chargers can be integrated
  • Compatible with the Petro|Fleet, Petro|Sale & IQ-TAe network


You can find more information about the purchase from our sales partner Lümatic:

Manaz Copter Solutions LEDs @!

With - Professional FPV Racing Equipment Shop the first reseller offers our MANAZ lighting units for selling.

✔️ MANAZ MotorLEDMicro RGB
✔️ MANAZ MotorLEDMicro WS2812
✔️ MANAZ MotorLED WS2812

Further information at:

Manaz Copter Solutions

MANAZ Martian WS2812

Something completely different! Designed for the various clones of the legendary Alien Frame, this part is a real all-rounder.

✔️ 14 WS2812 LEDs
✔️ Pigtail holder
✔️ Innovative assembly
✔️ 5V supply voltage
✔️ Less than 10 g per module (9.56 g)
✔️ Alternative mounting with cable ties possible

Further information at:

Manaz Copter Solutions

MANAZ MotorLED - WS2812

The classic, two WS2812b LEDs, optimized for weight.

✔️ 5V power supply
✔️ CleanFlight, BetaFlight and ButterFlight compatible
✔️ Both LEDs are independently controllable
✔️ Less than 4g per set of four (3.3 g / set)
✔️ Slotted hole nominal diameter 3.1 mm

Further information at:

Manaz Copter Solutions

MANAZ Flashback - RGB

Five high-performance SideView LEDs give this beast a combined light intensity of over 10,000 mcd.

✔️ 1S - 4S power supply (6S only with good cooling)
✔️ Color adjustable via solder bridges
✔️ 7 different colors are possible
✔️ Less than 3 g per module (2.32 g)
✔️ Bore diameter 3 mm
✔️ Long holes with 5-35 mm spacing

Further information at:

Manaz Copter Solutions


For all those who can do without colorful messages, but want to see their copter at any time.

✔️ 2S - 6S power supply
✔️ Color adjustable via solder bridges
✔️ 7 different colors possible
✔️ Less than 5 g per set of four (4.6 g / set)
✔️ Slotted hole nominal diameter 3.1 mm

Further information at:

Manaz Copter Solutions

Are you interested in drones and you are looking for optimized copter lighting without unnecessary bells and whistles?

We at MANAZ have been building up a new area for some time, specializing in CopterLeds. And the result so far - well, see for yourself!

Support for Christoph-13

How do I behave in emergency situations?

Presumably, most of us feel helpless or are unable to cope with exceptional situations.
And you could not even imagine, what is going on in the minds of our children in those situations!

Together with the Luftrettungsstation Christoph 13, the K&L Verlag der Fördervereinigung Notfallmedizin Bielefeld e.V. created a special "first aid book" for children, which instructs age-appropriatly, how to behave in emergency situations.

We at MANAZ think this is very important and a fantastic idea. And we are happy to contribute a small part to this great project in form of a donation!

For further informations, take a look at the following link:

Santa's Workshop

Get the highscore & win an AMAZON voucher for 50€!

1) Download our free MANAZ app "Santa's Workshop" from Google PlayStore:
Now at Google Play

2) Collect as many gifts as possible!

3) Post your score online und try to stay on top until 26th december of 2017!

End of attendance: 26th December 2017 23:59 Uhr
Link to highscore-list:


Our well-known social media accounts on Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Xing, LinkedIn got a little brother on Instagram on time for christmas!
Subscribe to us and stay up to date.
Visit us at: Manaz.Dev Instagram Account

Christmas Party 2017

Also this year, the Manaz team gathered for a communal christmas treat.
At the Ziegensteinhof in Lemgo, a hearty buffet was served, followed by an evening of cocktails in the new Manaz house.

Sales Conference 2017

Also this year the company Hermann Lümmen GmbH has staged an informative and above all promising sales meeting!
We are glad and grateful that we could again participate as active partners and look forward to the upcoming projects!


CONGRATULATIONS ... our no-more-trainee Patryk! :)

The entire MANAZ team is very proud of its exceptional performance and is happy for completing its training with 92 points!
We are very pleased that you will continue to be part of our team!

Measure Guidance System for fire departments

With the measure guidance system of MANAZ, guiding of large measuring devices is considerably facilitated!

The big advantage is that the measured values are no longer transmitted by radio, instead via mobile network.

In addition, the software can be accessed at any time and everywhere. Only an Internet-capable terminal (e.g., tablet, smartphone) is needed to use the numerous tools, such as data processing or situation report.

Get further information here:

or contact us at: +49 (0) 521 / 895189.

A free demo version of our measure guidance system you can find at (password: "demo"):

Your wishes - our job!

With our self-developed Ambient technology, we will implement your individual wishes in no time!
Watch the video and find out how quickly and easily we can implement your application with the AMBIENT!


MANAZ SnowNerdz

Craaaaazy! MANAZ developed a christmas mobile game JUST FOR YOU!

Just download "SnowNerdz" on the Google Play Store (free of charge!) And drop the MANAZ team with snowballs!
The one, who leads the ranking up to 24th of December 2016, wins an Amazon voucher worth 30 EURO!


Your highscore you can share after every finished game (right top at the present symbol).
Just give a nickname and e-mail address (only that way we can contact the winner afterwards!)


Jetzt bei Google Play

The app is currently only supported for Android 4.4+ devices available an with at least 1.5 GB RAM.

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