Museora is a mobile app for smartphones and tablets, connected to a social network.
Contents like videos, pictures, audio, mini apps or augmented reality could be indicated by approaching a point of action (Beacon).
Museora raises the interactive factor of your event or institution in an intuitive way!

No annoying typing or scanning of any code anymore!
As many media contents and possibilities as never before!


Museora uses the novel Beacon technology to design events, museum exhibitions, zoo tours or enterprise explorations more modern and interactive.
By dint of the points of action, the visitor is able to retrieve interactive contents (pictures, videos, games,...) automatically as soons as he/she is nearby.

With Museora the visit of your institution or event becomes a great adventure!

» Don't just look at a rigid skeleton, rather see the moving T-Rex on your smartphone or tablet!

» Go on paper chase through the history with your class and solve tricky riddles!

» Slip virtually into the brewing kettle and discover how the liquid gold is brewed.

» The tiger tries to hide? No problem! Simply watch him via the hidden cameras in the compound.


  •   Easy and smart! There is no need to type any numbers or scan any codes at the exhibit. The information appear automatically.

  •   More interactive! The visitor's experience get enhanced considerably by the expanded media dimensions. Up to now it is not conceivable which possibilities will reveal. The very fact, that we are able to integrate mini apps into the mobile app, can multiply the visitor's experience.

  •   The maintenance of presentation devices is a problem of yesterday! The visitors can use their own smartphone or tablet or they take one of the lendable devices. In addtion Beacons have a term of up to 6.000 days and so they are extremely durable. Afterwards they can be reconditioned very simple by changing the standard battery.

  •   A multitude of language is administrable easily and free selectable by any visitor.

  •   Safe! Due to the HTTPS communication and a login via OAuth 2.0, the system is very safe and well-protected against external influence.

  •   No waiting time while sharing out the presentation devices.

  •   New possibilities of monetizing with the aid of advertising, InApp souvenir sale, online tours and media marketing.

  •   You can choose one of the several models! - Do you want to use our social network or do you prefer to raise an internal environment? Should we take care of providing the lendable devices?

Area of application

Beside the typical range of use, there are much further, not predictable areas:

  •  Museum exhibition
  •  Zoo tour
  •  Enterprise exploration
  •  Art exhibition / vernissage
  •  City paper chase

and so on

Models & Prices

The perfect package for medium and large museums and zoos.

Like in the lodging model, also by choosing this model, we completely take care of arranging the infrastructure, viz.: local server, wireless radio network, positioning of the Beacons (ponits of action), charting of the premises, ...
We place one of our staff members at yours disposal to assist with visitor's questions and problems.
Additionally you recieve a stand-up display and flyer to advertise the museora system.

We provide a fixed number of loaners for customers without an own mobile device.
You also needn't to take care of the check-in. You get a simple and intuitive system to generate tickets for the Museora add-on option and to facilitate the subsequent billing.

Your local system is completely assigned to the global Museora Network.
It means, that your institution is accessible via the Museora online platform, too.
With that, you can achieve an unexpected range and increase sales.

The allocation of profits and the cost sharing are matter of negotiation and i.a. depend on the daily attendance..

Please consider that this model solely is available at a minimum attendance of 35 visitors a day (to average) during a minimum term of 120 days.
Missing yields, as measured by the arranged minimum requirements, have to be paid later by the contractual partner.

We are pleased to make an individual offer for you, if you need more points of action and/or a bigger area.

Local infrastructure Integrated cash system 15 points of action (Beacons) 10 mobile loaners At least 75 visitors a day 30 days minimum term 100 sqm area at maximum
At least 10 mobile devices and 15 points of action (Beacons) Pre-installed system on every device No internet or wlan necessery Unlimited term Unlimited area 1 day of training inclusive No profit sharing Device prices are calculated separately

We are pleased to make an individual offer for you, if you need more points of action and/or a bigger area.

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