The MANAZ Measure Guidances System (short MLS - germ. Messleitsystem) is the perfect solution for a digital indication of measure guidance processes.
Its functions range from the administration of measure instructions, vehicles and occupations, to a clearly situation report and -analysis.


  •   Automatic synchronization of all data
  •   Autarkic functioning without permanent internet connection
  •   Sturdy, proven in industry hardware
  •   Complete measure guidance workflow in one application
  •   Based on the measure concept NRW
  •   Register measure constructions for single units
  •   Extensive situation report based on actual map data
  •   Import of MET (short Model for Effects with Toxic gases) dispersal predictions
  •   Survey of available vehicles and their occupation at a glance
  •   Integration of WMS map services from any source


  •   Intuitive operation concept
  •   Platform independent web application
  •   Completely suitable for usage on smartphones and tablets
  •   Encrypted data transmission via VPN and HTTPS


Intel Atom Dualcore Processor 1GB DDR3 RAM 32GB Highspeed flash memory 24V voltage supply (as needed with power pack) Up to 3 logins at the same time possible

Intel XEON Server Processor 32GB RAM Windows Server operating system 230V voltage supply 19 inch Rack case No limit of simultaneous logins Designed for measure or operation guides


4G / LTE mobile radio router Data transmission with up to 100 MBit/s Embedded wifi hotspot Ethernet ports for an integration in existing network structures Also deliverable with Dual-SIM Option for extra redundancy

Modular high performance VPN router Gigabit ethernet to connect
stationary workplaces
Bundling of multiple
mobile network connections 3G/4G
Connection of stationary
DSL / VDSL lines
Integration in existing networks as a wifi client



Models & Prices

1 login for measure guide Max. 5 vehicles per operation No automatic data transmission
to the vehicles
No logins for vehicles
(Data transmission via radio)
Logins for measure guide and vehicles No data transmission to vehicles All jobs in the cloud

Function volume equivalent to
Integration of WMS map services Status transmitter

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