The Energy data aquisition (short EDE - germ. Energiedatenerfassung) by MANAZ is a monitoring and analysis application for complex control and measurement data of your company.
Pursure changes live in system and configurate the system individually according to your requirements.


  •   Live tracking of changes in the building
  •   EDE as one evaluation application for all buildings
  •   Alarm circuit, e.g. for lightning
  •   Access control via smartphone app
  •   Independent registration of alarm and launching times
  •   Recording an analysis of meters
  •   Connection of in- and outputs adjustable freely


  •   Phantom 1 web server

    •  » Server for modern web applications
    •  » Tracking changes of states live in browser
    •  » platform independent
  •   Wago SPS PFC-200

    •  » On-site recording of control and measurement data
    •  » Controlling of building functions: time-based, automatically or via web application

Example of use

  •  » Industrial unit with 3 factory premises and 20 buildings in all
  •  » One SPS controller per building for data recording upgraded (temperatures, alerts, meters)
  •  » At spaciously buildings an extension by dint of Modbus TCP is possible
  •  » All controllers communicate via the company net with a MANAZ GLT server in the administration department
  •  » Centralized administration and configuration of alarm levels and alerts


Models & Prices

Analysis and Reporting Limited to one piece of energy hardware Module: GLT Lite bookable
Analysis and Reporting No hardware limit Includes GLT Standard

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