Xchange is a cloud service, which contains centralized online functions of data administration and poses as an add-on for Lümatic- and MANAZ client software.
Use Xchange to export, import and administrate your data in a breath! Let Xchange automatically send the billings to your clients.


Data exchange

  •   Export and import your data sets in optional formats
  •   Diverse filter methods during export
  •   Mail the exported data instantly
  •   Adjustable data names with prefabricated dummy variables, like date, time etc.
  •   Establish your own export- and import formats
  •   Administrate export- and import data freely


  •   Generate itemized billings, full settlements and invoices immediately
  •   If desired, download or mail billing data quite simply
  •   Diverse filter methods for data sets
  •   Administrate your client base

Automated jobs

  •   Automatic and continous running and generating of exports, imports, billings, etc. as so-called Jobs
  •   Create Jobs for one definite user or for the whole mandator
  •   Diverse filter methods - just like direct running of exports/imports/billings
  •   Adjustable automatic e-mail dispatch to your staff and/or clients
  •   Activate your jobs limitless and repeat them at any time you want
  •   Infinite expandability: We gladly develop further customized Jobs for you
  •   Administrate your Jobs freely

Latest technology

  •   Based on the AMBIENT server technology, Xchange offers handlings and layouts always state-of-the-art
  •   Your desired results step by step: User-optimized and comfortable workflow due to specialized Wizards, intuitive template designs, established shortcut keys and well-arranged menus
  •   Data storage on the Phoenix Server V3: Best data security, automatic backups, synchronization und high performance
  •   Data backups solely in safe data processing centers of Germany, according to german data protection regulations


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