Petro | Fleet

Use PetroFleet to manage all fuel data of your motor pool.
The program convinces with clearness, facile handling and functionality.


  •   Analyze all fuel data of your motor pool
  •   Many possibilities of allocating and risk minimization
  •   Mobile usability of the user interface
  •   Analysis tool and dashboard
  •   Scalable via cluster- and failover-functions
  •   Clarity due to modern design standards
  •   Data backups solely in german and safe data processing centers, according to german data protection regulations


  •   German
  •   English


Beside usefully functions administrating your vehicles, drivers, filling stations etc., PetroFleet also offers extensive schemes of all your fuel billings and costs.

The software provides detailed billing lists and multifunctional tools for your individual data evaluation.

According to the connected CATs (customer activated terminals), quantity contingents for vehicles or vehicle groups are supported.
To reduce risks, there are several test methods available, which are able to analyze behavior patterns (fraud protection).

PetroFleet contains diverse interfaces for data exchange with external programs. Either those can be positioned directly at the customer's house or they also can be connected externally.

The user interface of PetroFleet combines latest design standards with all the useful advantages of actual web technologies.
Access to PetroFleet runs stationary via intranet and en route by internet.
You can use every conventional PC, tablet or smartphone to benefit from the numerous features of PetroFleet.
The software automatically fits the user interface to the used end device.
Provided that there is an internet connection, you can run PetroFleet everywhere at any time to retrieve information or adjust settings.


The base of the server software is our latest developed Ambient server software architecture for an adaptive view of the user interface.

The back end uses a Phoenix Enterprise Server. That handles the reproduction of the application logic, including the database.
Several cluster- and failover-scenarios are supported.
There are a lot of customer installations of our software including several hundred thousands vehicles and millions of fuel processes per month, which already gave proof of our program's stability and scalability.

Due to the closely connection of the CATs with modern network technologies, all data of the involved systems always are up-to-date.
As soon as the CATs are online, all fuel releases base on actual server data.
Blockings and contingents are available immediately.

Fuel data is transmitted to the server continuously, so they can be integrated in calculations directly.
In addtion these data can be delivered to external systems.

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