Ambient Server Technology

With the Ambient Server Technology, complex web applications can be developed easily. In addition, the Ambient system automatically provides app versions, running on mobile end devices.


  •   Fulfilling customer wishes very quickly
  •   Web interfaces can be designed individually
  •   Installation on any operating system possible
  •   Everywhere and everytime available (internet or intranet)
  •   Every device with a web browser is able to access the applications
  •   User interfaces tailored to mobile end devices
  •   Modern tool kit including many different components
  •   Assemble via Drag & Drop
  •   Actual web technologies
  •   Easy integration of maps, charts, video, audio and so on
  •   Continous enhancements and improvements of the technology
  •   Unlimited possibilities

Area of application

The Ambient technology enables us to develop your desired application without any limits!
Due to the multitude of components and the flexibility of the system, your individual imaginations can be implemented quickly and easily.
Ambient-based applications get the look & feel of a regular desktop application without lowering yoursights in any way. Benefit from the advantage, that the system is available in internet or intranet at any time.

Every Ambient application automatically provides an optimized version for mobile end deviced, so that you get access to your data easily and reliably also when you are on the move.

Due to the modern tool kit system with a large number of components maps, charts, video etc. can be embedded easily.
Manaz steady keeps on developing und optimizing the Ambient technology to stay up-to-date.

Contact us this very day and find out, how we can help you to implement your ideas!

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